Barry & Bev Smith – July 2016

Dear Malcolm and Gail,

Bev and I wish to thank for most sincerely for an outstanding stay at your guest house. From the moment we arrived with a royal welcome and thereafter everything was great. It was very pleasant to meet with your other guests  for pre dinner drinks and a great dinner, which is greatly appreciated. In addition, we wish to thank you both for going out of your way to make to make our stay so great.

Breakfast was also very tasty and enjoyable.

For your information, I have just done a review of your guest house on trip advisor.

We had a great time on the Creighton Aloe Express. The lady who was in charge of our tour said that the Aloes were at their very best today. She also told us that she knows you very well and you have had great holidays together.



With regard to the lunch at the Creighton Club was also excellent. The home made chicken pie, chips and salads were very good. What we liked was that the ladies served every one with a very healthy portion of food. The pudding was a cup cake and two cook sisters, which was also good . I asked one of my friends who sat next to me for her opinion of the food served and she was more than happy with what she ate  and enjoyed it very much..

Wishing you all the very best with the future  negotiations  in respect of your guest house and trust that it all works out well for you.

I have attached a few photographs of our experience visiting the Aloes, which was unbelievable.

Kind regards,