Beth Hackland – 24 November 2014

Hi Gail & Malcolm
On behalf of the club I have to say a BIG thank-you to you & your team. It was one of the very nicest, and most productive of birding outings that we have ever done. The accommodation was really beautifully done, the food delicious, & number of new specials and lifers for most of us was phenomenal, and appreciated by all. We realised that we are in great danger – of becoming twitchers! Our motto may have to change from “20% Birding, 80% fun� to something else – perhaps “80% birding and 80% fun�???.

Anyway I know that we still owe you the top-up as we went way over the estimated amount of time from Malcolm. I still want to motivate a further batch from our club to enjoy your delights, both culinary and feathered, so want to know we will be welcome again.

Thanks again & kind regards